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Men's Super League - 2019-2020 Season

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Surrey Mens Super League Fixtures 2019/2020
Team names appearing to the left are at Home. All competitions
are subject to confirmation of venue availability.
Week 1 10-Sep    
Bashers v Cheam Social
Epsom Cons v Arnie's Army
The Farmers v West Byfleet
South Croydon Cons v Forestdale Forum
WWMC v Royal Bashers
Week 2 17-Sep  
Cheam Social v Epsom Cons
Bashers v WWMC
Forestdale Forum v Royal Bashers
West Byfleet v South Croydon Cons
Arnie's Army v The Farmers
Week 3 24-Sep
Epsom Cons v Bashers
Cheam Social v The Farmers
South Croydon Cons v Arnie's Army
Royal Bashers v West Byfleet
WWMC v Forestdale Forum
Week 4 01-Oct
Cheam Social v South Croydon Cons
Bashers v The Farmers
Epsom Cons v WWMC
West Byfleet v Forestdale Forum
Arnie's Army v Royal Bashers
Week 5 08-Oct
The Farmers v Epsom Cons
South Croydon Cons v Bashers
Royal Bashers v Cheam Social
Forestdale Forum v Arnie's Army
WWMC v West Byfleet
Free Week     15-Oct-19
Postponed Matches
Week 6 22-Oct
Cheam Social v Forestdale Forum
Bashers v Royal Bashers
Epsom Cons v South Croydon Cons
The Farmers v WWMC
Arnie's Army v West Byfleet
Week 7 29-Oct    
South Croydon Cons v The Farmers
Royal Bashers v Epsom Cons
Forestdale Forum v Bashers
West Byfleet v Cheam Social
WWMC v Arnie's Army
Week 8 05-Nov
Cheam Social v Arnie's Army
Bashers v West Byfleet
Epsom Cons v Forestdale Forum
The Farmers v Royal Bashers
South Croydon Cons v WWMC
Week 9 12-Nov    
Royal Bashers v South Croydon Cons
Forestdale Forum v The Farmers
West Byfleet v Epsom Cons
Arnie's Army v Bashers
WWMC v Cheam Social
Week 10 19-Nov
Cheam Social v Bashers
Arnie's Army v Epsom Cons
West Byfleet v The Farmers
Forestdale Forum v South Croydon Cons
Royal Bashers v WWMC
Week 11 26-Nov    
Epsom Cons v Cheam Social
WWMC v Bashers
Royal Bashers v Forestdale Forum
South Croydon Cons v West Byfleet
The Farmers v Arnie's Army
Week 12 03-Dec
Bashers v Epsom Cons
The Farmers v Cheam Social
Arnie's Army v South Croydon Cons
West Byfleet v Royal Bashers
Forestdale Forum v WWMC
Triples Competition   10-Dec-19
Triples Competition Venue TBA
Register 8:15
Toe the Oche 8:30
9.00 per team
Free Week     17-Dec-19
Postponed Matches
Free Week   24-Dec-19
Christmas Break
Free Week     31-Dec-19
Christmas Break
Free Week   07-Jan-20
Postponed Matches
Week 13 14-Jan
South Croydon Cons v Cheam Social
The Farmers v Bashers
WWMC v Epsom Cons
Forestdale Forum v West Byfleet
Royal Bashers v Arnie's Army
Week 14 21-Jan
Epsom Cons v The Farmers
Bashers v South Croydon Cons
Cheam Social v Royal Bashers
Arnie's Army v Forestdale Forum
West Byfleet v WWMC
Pairs     28-Jan-20
Pairs Competition Venue TBA
Register 8:15
Toe the Oche 8:30
6.00 per team
Free Week     04-Feb-20
Postponed Matches
Week 15 11-Feb
Forestdale Forum v Cheam Social
Royal Bashers v Bashers
South Croydon Cons v Epsom Cons
WWMC v The Farmers
West Byfleet v Arnie's Army
Week 16 18-Feb
The Farmers v South Croydon Cons
Epsom Cons v Royal Bashers
Bashers v Forestdale Forum
Cheam Social v West Byfleet
Arnie's Army v WWMC
Week 17 25-Feb
Arnie's Army v Cheam Social
West Byfleet v Bashers
Forestdale Forum v Epsom Cons
Royal Bashers v The Farmers
WWMC v South Croydon Cons
Free Week     03-Mar-20
Postponed Matches
Week 18 10-Mar
South Croydon Cons v Royal Bashers
The Farmers v Forestdale Forum
Epsom Cons v West Byfleet
Bashers v Arnie's Army
Cheam Social v WWMC
Singles Week 1       17-Mar-20
Register 8:15 Venue TBA
Toe the Oche 8:30
6.00 per player
Singles Week 2       24-Mar-20
Register 8:15 Venue TBA
Toe the Oche 8:30
6.00 per player
Finals & Presentations     31-Mar-20
Finals of Triples, Pairs and Singles Venue TBA
Presentation of league prizes.
All teams to be present.
Surrey Men's Super League
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