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Men's Super League - 2018-2019 Season

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Superleague Week 5 Results (10 October)Superleague Week 5 Results (10 October)
Good wins last night for WWMC, WPBL, The Farmers and Arnies Army. St Peters and SRBL endid in a draw. Highest finish was from Andy Foster with 160. Best average from Jason Askew with 31.31

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Superleague Results Week 4 (3 October)Superleague Results Week 4 (3 October)
Wins last night for WPBL, Sunbury RBL, Arnies Army & West Byfleet. Darren Bryant had the highest finish with 152. Highest averages per match were Steven Mead 30.69, Andy Nye 25.05, Ben Burton 31.98 & John Power 27.77

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Superleague Results Week 1 (12 September)Superleague Results Week 1 (12 September)
Good wins last night for West Byfleet, WWMC & St Peters. High finish was shared by Steve Cole and John Power, both hitting 126 checkouts. The new highest average of the match was won by Dave Parletti (31.91), Damon Ede (25.91), Neville Wright (26.21) Ben Burton (30.22) and in his first superleague game Jason Askew (31.31)

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